Trip to Princeton, Harvard, and MIT

Posted: August 3, 2010 by gwopdn in wondering why we have to choose a Category

Last weekend, I spent two days visiting the three universities, Princeton, Harvard, and MIT. It was a fun trip, better than the last time when I went to visit Stanford. By now, I have visited all of my dream grad schools, I’m proud of myself =). I loved the Princeton campus, astonishingly beautiful; however, I loved the city of Boston just as much.

I met some very interesting people in along my trip, including, but not limited to: two brilliant guys in connection with the UN, a British girl who ended up inviting me to Cambridge,  and an extremely young, bright, and cute Physics PHD student at Harvard.  I consider myself very lucky and my loner trips are always full of surprises. These experiences are also one of the main reasons why I became obsessed with the concepts of uncertainty and randomness, as I always wonder WHAT have drawn these various people into my world.

I’m very fond of the book, the Secret, despite that a good friend of mine has tried to argue that the book is full of BS. I know that the book is not entirely true, but the idea/theory behind it is something that I have always had a strong faith in since a very young age, long before when the book came to life. And I want to explore, though Mathematics,  the force of universe that rules our lives, seriously. Well, this is going to be the topic of most of my blog entries.

I’m not keen on pictures so I don’t have many to share. And out of the few I have, none of them is good =S. (My bluetooth is not working so I uploaded the pics from MMS, which could explain their size and quality.)  Well, the real scenes look a LOT better. I will take better ones next time when I go with Kelvin =P




  1. kdawgz says:

    Do you think you can come up with a formula to describe God?

    If God created us in his image (as the Bible says), He would be just as random as we are. Try developing a formula to describe a human being first. I’m certain that will help in developing a formula for the universe.

  2. I am a believer in Numerology! I’m sure ONE formula will NOT explain the universe, but I believe human beings will eventually understand the forces from the universe as well as themselves =) We are just not there yet.

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